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With experienced workers’ compensation attorney Robert Noa on your side, you don’t have to face the complex workers’ comp appeal system alone. Our firm is committed to helping you obtain the benefits you deserve after suffering a work-related injury. With over 30 years’ experience practicing law in the Beverly, MA area, Attorney Noa is extremely well-versed in the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents’ best practices for legal professionals, and is committed to sharing his expert knowledge with clients at every stage of the process. Throughout his career as a workers’ compensation lawyer, Noa’s customer-first approach has allowed him to help thousands of clients injured at work.

An Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help You Through the Difficult Proceedings

Hiring a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney can significantly improve your chances of receiving the benefits you need to keep going after suffering an injury at work. There are so many questions and frustrations that can arise as you attempt to navigate the complex judicial system. Attorney Noa’s Expert legal services can put your mind at ease. We’ll approach your case with highly personalized attention, and explain everything you need to know about how the workers’ comp laws affect your particular situation.


The process is as follows:


  • We will request your medical records and, once we have them, will have you sign a fee agreement and several copies of the medical authorization.
  • A conciliation will be set for about three weeks later. At the conciliation, your claim may get sent to a judge, or it may be rescheduled, depending on whether or not there are additional concerns that need to be clarified. I will either call or email to let you know how the conciliation proceeded.
  • After the conciliation, it can take anywhere between a couple weeks to several months to schedule the pretrial conference, depending on where the claim was filed. We encourage you to continue treatment during this time. In addition, we will request periodically updated medical records, and the insurer will likely set you up with an insurance-chosen doctor for an examination.
  • You will attend the pretrial conference with us. Many times, this conference will be sufficient to determine what the judge will do, and an official order will be issued within 7—10 days. After the order is issued, I will contact you to discuss it. If either party is unhappy with the order, an appeal will be made, which will cause the case to move forward.
  • After the conference, you will be scheduled for an exam with an impartial medical doctor, specifically chosen by the court.
  • The hearing is scheduled. It can take between 4 to 8 months to officially receive a hearing date. During this time, discussions can be had regarding a settlement or other agreement.
  • The trial itself will likely take between 2—4 hours. The day before, we will be in contact in order to prepare you for what will happen in the courtroom.
  • After the hearing, the legal record will likely stay open for a couple of months. Once the record closes, the matter will go into the judge’s queue in order to receive a written decision.

As professional ​​workers compensation lawyers, we understand how long and frustrating this process can be. That’s why our goal is to assist you as much as possible throughout the process and to help take some of the stress off your shoulders.

A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help You Recover Lost Wages and Get Debt Under Control

You may be unsure of whether you’re getting a fair settlement to cover the wages you’ve lost and the medical expenses you’ve accrued after an on-the-job injury. For expert help, call knowledgeable workers’ compensation insurance lawyer Robert Noa today. Attorney Noa can speak with you personally and can help you determine whether you’re getting what you deserve.

When you win, we win.

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